About Us

CraftAdmin is developed and maintained by a small team of (web-)developers from Germany. We were playing Minecraft between 2011 and 2015 but other things became more important. At that time we had some experience in the field of setting up / using Minecraft servers and also developed some Bukkit plugins.

We want to give back to the awesome Minecraft community! We already started working on a mobile Control Panel app for Android in 2014 but it never really launched. Now the complete concept has been rebooted and we are proud to provide CraftAdmin to anyone who is interested in it.

Our biggest concern was that some hosting companies block additional ports on Minecraft servers or forbid the installation of additional software - this is why we created CraftAdmin in such a way that it can be used without any of these things. We host the Control Panel and our servers are handling the data exchange between You and your server(s).

Development is done in our spare time and the resource required to run CraftAdmin are mainly server resources which are "unused" by our development company. If CraftAdmin is well received we might develop native Mobile and/or Desktop apps and we might look into more advanced features for CraftAdmin. If the load is just too much for our spare server resources we will provide more features for a small fee to buy better servers or something!

All feedback and any suggestion for CraftAdmin is appreciated, contact us on Twitter (@CraftAdmin), on Reddit (/r/CraftAdmin), via Email (contact@craftadmin.net) or join our Discord!