To activate CraftAdmin you'll need:

  1. A Minecraft Server with the CraftAdmin plugin installed
  2. An CraftAdmin account or an working email address
  3. Access to your server console or in-game commands
  4. A modern web browser

1. Registering the plugin

In the server console (or in-game) you'll need to type the command /ca activate to get your private activation link.

If you are in-game click the Click here text in your chat, if you typed the command into your server console copy the link into your browser.

2. Activating the plugin

After you opened the link you should be prompted to Sign In, please do so or Sign Up if you do not have an account.

If you are not prompted it means that you are already signed in!

The final step is to enter a name for the server so you can identify it inside the CraftAdmin Control Panel.

3. Done!

That's it - CraftAdmin is now ready to go. Open the CraftAdmin Control Panel and start right away!