If you are getting the message "Something went wrong!" in the CraftAdmin Control Panel, please try to reload the Control Panel and restart your server.

Please read more about the specific errors and their solution below:

Code 1001
All server which are linked to your account are offline. CraftAdmin can only control servers which are running, you need to manually (re)start at least one of your servers to use CraftAdmin.
Code 1002
The server which you were connected to was shut down.
Code 1003
The server you were connecting to uses an outdated version of the CraftAdmin plugin. Update to the latest version found at craftadmin.net/version/latest.
Code 2001
We received unidentified data from your server.
Code 2002
Some of the data just disappeard. It's gone!
Code 2003
Not in use.
Code 3001
No server is linked to your account! Please install and activate the CraftAdmin plugin as described in out Getting Started guide.
Code 3002
You tried to navigate to an unknown server or view!
Code 3003
Not in use.